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The new Lucyart website is now live. There have been some technical issues but we would love any feedback. We want to improve your experience so please let us have your comments.




Janets Foss, Malham Canvas Art Prints

Janets Foss, Malham Canvas Art Prints by Rob Haigh.

These are photos from a visit by Rob to North Yorkshire in September 2015. Prints are available by clicking the images below.

Janets Foss Waterfall Canvas Art Print Janets Foss Waterfall Art Print

Cool abstract canvas art for London City Living

If you want to brighten up your home or transform your surroundings with a piece of unique artwork that depicts the capital, or if you are looking for a striking abstract picture, then there are a number of pieces that are perfect for the London art lover.


Abstracts began to gain momentum in the nineteenth century. In the 1930s, London was a mecca for abstract artists and abstracts are still very much part of the London art scene to this day.

In modern times, abstract art has continued to grow in popularity and its many different forms, colours and compositions continue to capture the imagination and remain relevant in the twenty first century.

Abstract Art for London Living

Lucy Art sells a collection of abstract paintings that capture the mood of London living. As with the other collections offered on the website, colours are available as shown or they can be customised to suit your personal preferences or your colour scheme at no extra cost.

abstract art

The vivid abstract paintings, which capture different moods and feelings, are supplied ready to hang and they are painted in high-quality acrylics.

A different view of London

For those that are looking for a completely different view of London like they have never seen before, Lucy Art has a range of abstract canvas prints that capture classic images of the capital in a unique way. You can also send in your own photo to let Rob Haigh create a personal piece from your own photograph.

abstract art of london on canvas

The above piece was created by artist Rob Haigh. The image is printed onto high quality canvas and finished with giclee laminate to help protect the artwork from damage.

The artwork is created from a photo taken by Rob; they are then transformed into a ready to hang canvas print or they can be supplied ready to frame locally.

The completed picture is printed on high quality canvas and finished with giclee laminate to protect the artwork and enhance the colours.

Three piece Abstract Art

Our three piece giclee canvas prints are suitable for London apartments with modern, open plan layouts that are often in need of that little bit extra to help complement the overall look.

Abstract Art On Canvas

The three piece canvas art pictured above has been created by Rob.

As with our other paintings, our high quality art on canvas come in a choice of set colours or buyers can opt for their own colour theme.

Please get in touch if you have a brief in mind or have any questions.

Tel:- 01924 566244



Twitter:- @lucyart

Canvas Art Prints – Transform Your Home

Transforming the home need not be expensive. Investing in a bespoke canvas prints will give the walls a whole new lease of life without the inconvenience of having to completely redecorate the home.
When it comes to using canvas prints to decorate the walls you, are only limited by your imagination, and the affordability makes artwork or wall art the ideal option for changing the look of the home without having to spend a lot of money.
Listed below are just some of the ways that canvas art can be used to decorate your home and transform its appearance.
Say that it with words
If you are not looking for images, then say it with words. Words can be used on your bespoke canvas print to convey whatever it is you want to say. It might be a word that means something special to you or to your loved one, it might be a favourite word, or it might be the name of your partner. Whatever you want to say, it can be integrated into a canvas print.

tryptch canvas prints, 3 sets canvas, lake district art, ullswater canvas prints

Tryptch canvas art

Variety of Options

A well-chosen canvas image can completely change the look of the home while also providing a talking point for visitors, and there is a design for every style and taste. Choose from floral imagery if you prefer a traditional design or choose an abstract image if you want a canvas print with a difference.
People and places can also be represented by canvas art so if you want an image that is personal to you, then choosing a bespoke canvas print is also an option.
Large choice of prints
Canvas prints can consist of anything from traditional photos, digital art and negatives; whether you want to brighten the room with pop art or comic art or create a nostalgic look with black and white or sepia images, there is a style suitable for every age group and personal taste.
Bespoke design
If you want something that is completely different to the norm, then bespoke pictures are the way to go. Working with an artist to create a unique image is the perfect way to reflect the personality of the people that live in the house or to complement the overall look and feel of the property. By choosing bespoke art you can be certain it would never look out of place.

Canvas art, paintings and prints to suit your taste

Canvas art paintings to suit your taste 

The right piece of art can complement an interior and draw attention, however, the main challenge can often be finding the perfect piece of artwork that suits your own personal tastes, or finding a painting that matches your home or office interior.

Many stores concentrate on selling mass produced paintings and prints, which cannot be personalised to suit individual tastes, and it is often difficult to find something that reflects the exact feel of a room.

Another problem can be the size of the painting. You might discover the most amazing piece of art only to find the dimensions might not be suitable for the room that it is intended for, while others find some of the mass produced art available uninspiring.

However, if you are one of those people looking for something that is designed especially for you, bespoke canvas art is your answer.

The Benefits of Bespoke canvas art paintings

  • A stunning range of bespoke art that can be adapted so that they are suitable for the individual’s tastes. What makes bespoke canvas art so unique is that both the colours and the size can be altered; bespoke art will be suitable for the look of the interior and it will be perfectly suited to the size of the room.
  • Whether you are looking for a large piece of art that is guaranteed to get noticed, or a more subtle piece to complement a small room such as a study or bedroom, a bespoke canvas painting will suit your needs.
  • Bespoke art comes in a huge variety of designs; there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Professionally painted vibrant images demand to be noticed and make your room unique.
  • Prices for bespoke art can start from as little as £50, making it an affordable purchase for many people.
  • With bespoke canvas art paintings, there is something for which ever mood or image you wish to create, and, of course, the colours can be changed according to your own personal tastes.
  • For something truly special, commissions are also available so it is guaranteed that no one else out there will have a piece of art that is like yours.
  • A bespoke canvas print also makes an ideal gift for people that are looking for something different to purchase as a present. The colours can be adapted to suit the individual’s personality or to reflect their favourite colours.
canvas art, bespoke art, abstract art, canvas prints, wall art

Bespoke canvas art to suit your space


New Gloss Black Canvas Art by Rob Haigh

New Original Canvas Art by Rob Haigh to view this online please click here


gloss black abstract art

Gloss Black Canvas Art

Clare Hooper Floral Canvas Art Back Online

We have added the stunning collection of floral abstract canvas prints by Clare Hooper to the website.

Simply click here to view the latest collection.

clare hooper, canvas art, floral art, abstract floral art, abstract art, flowers,

Clare Hopper canvas art added to the website.

Day 1 in Lakes Sat 24th May 2014

Arrived at High Ground Cottage, Eskdale.



Then for a walk around Wast Water

Wast Water Canvas


On route to Lakes


On route to Eskdale in the Lakes I will post pics and updates in the meantime here is a selection of the canvas prints available online Lake District canvas prints

A selection of Lake District prints on canvas.

tryptch canvas prints, 3 sets canvas, lake district art, ullswater canvas prints

Tryptch canvas art

Lake District canvas prints available from Lucyart. Click here to see the full collection, there is also many other in our Photo Vault.