Photo Wallpaper Hanging Info

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All our wallpaper is printed on our 61cm (24inch) wide rolls and your image is split up equally to suit your wall size.
For example if you wall is 280cm wide x 240cm high we would send your wallpaper printed in equal sections over 5 sheets.
The wallpaper comes printed in the middle of the 61cm wide sheets and the paper is overlapped and spliced on the wall by the decorator using a new knife blade for each joint cut. We do provide full instructions and a diagram of how we have cropped your image in the box with your wallpaper.
NOTE: Some customers are concerned that there is a section of white paper down either side of the image but this is because we place your image centrally on a 61cm wide sheet to give you joints at equal distance across your wall and as your decorator will be cutting on the wall is makes no difference but is a great double check for us to ensure all your image is printed at the correct width and without error.
Also please ensure you use a professional decorator with experience of using the overlap and splicing method of wallpaper installation.

For further info please use contact form below


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I am a self taught artist who creates original abstract art on canvas in any size or colour to suit your decor. I also print photos onto canvas to give any room a view. View all posts by lucyartgallery

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